Sustainable worker performance in demanding environments.

Our Services

Human Factors Consulting

Leadership Development

Fitness for Duty

Safety Advisory

Data Analytics

Working with mission critical industries including: aviation, emergency services, defence, government and the resources sector we work with you to optimise the human performance potential of your workers in high pressure, physically or mentally demanding environments.

Our consulting services are underpinned by extensive academic research and broad operational experiences in high stress environments.

Our Process

We use scientific approach to optimise human performance in high pressure environments



Assess and identify risks to maintaining optimised human performance.



Develop an implementation plan.



Deliver training, risk management planning and policy development.



An informed, accountable, transparent approach to optimise human performance at work.

Our Values

User Centricity

We work with you to understand to understand your needs and focus on the positive differences we can make to your workers.


We believe in delivering innovative solutions that result in exceptional value for your investment.

Science Based

We understand the science that underpins human performance and deliver innovative solutions to maximise this.


We believe that the experience should inform our practice and we use this for insight into your needs when working in difficult conditions.


Dr Anthony Walker

Managing Director Optimised Human Performance

Dip.Firefighting Management, B.Ed, M.Ed, B.Sports Studies (hons), PhD

  • Experienced academic researcher and publisher
  • Experienced educator in Schools, University and the VET sector
  • Extensive leadership experience operating in extreme environments – 14 years as a professional urban Firefighter and Officer
  • Extensive experience in government policy development and implementation

We partner with you from start to finish, focusing on your individual needs to provide innovative strategies to optimise the performance of your staff at work.

We will work with you, using science to develop a plan and the tools to implement optimised human performance at work.


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